4 Tips for Dealing with Anger

Anger has gotten a bad reputation.  As I always tell my patients who have trouble acknowledging their anger or expressing it in a healthy way, “Anger is a healthy response to being disrespected.”  By suggesting tips to help you understand and handle your anger, I’m not at all saying that feeling anger is a bad […]

4 Tips for Getting through Divorce

Divorce is painful.  There’s no getting around it.  Whether you were the one who initiated it or not, it is still likely be one of the most painful periods in your life.  These tips are for getting through the first month or two after it’s decided that you’re getting divorced.

1.   Be kind to yourself and don’t […]

How to Prevent Recurrent Depression

Some people have certain susceptibilities, such as getting depressed or overly anxious, and rather than denying these susceptibilities, it’s best to accept them and learn to manage them better.  Take depression, for instance.  Studies show that people, who have experienced a Major Depressive Episode (MDE), have a 50% likelihood of reoccurrence.  So if you have […]

The Many Faces of Love: Caretaking A Sick Loved One

I talk to my patients about the many faces of love, whether romantic or non-romantic love.  There is the “It’s early on and everything you say is fascinating” love, the “We know each other so well and can finish each other’s sentences” love, the “Wow, you can still surprise me” love, and then sadly, the […]

4 Tips for Handling Pre-Wedding Stress

I’m happy to know and work with some people who are now engaged and looking forward to being wed within the year.  You would think that this engagement period, leading up to the realities of marriage, would be such a happy, idyllic time.  That big question mark about who you’ll be sharing your life with […]