How Clearly Do You See Yourself?

Dove, in continuance of its “Real Beauty” campaign, recently came up with another great commercial. (The link is below.) They have a sketch artist draw a woman based on her own verbal description of herself, i.e. her own self image.  The sketch artist can’t see her. Then the artist draws the same woman based on […]

Insight Alone Isn’t Enough – How the Best Therapy Works

There’s a longstanding debate in psychology between analytic (insight-oriented) therapy and behavioral-based therapy.  Back in the early days of psychoanalysis, it was believed that insight was enough to “cure” a person of their ills.  It was thought that if a person realized what was the fear or traumatic incident that first initiated the problem, then […]

Moving In Together Stirs Up Old Fears

If you’re divorced and have moved on to a new, meaningful relationship, the prospect of moving in together can stir up a lot of fear related to your past marriage and its demise.  Anyone who has gone through a divorce will tell you that it takes some time to get over it and move on […]

Pick a Feeling, Any Feeling

 We psychologists are infamous for asking, “How did that make you feel?”  But we ask for an important reason: Because people often don’t know what they feel.  Often bright and successful people come in to see me and when I ask how they feel about something they reply not with a feeling but with a […]

What if I Want Couples Counseling but My Spouse Doesn’t?

It’s a common occurrence that one person in a couple wants couples counseling but the other doesn’t.   There are several reasons that I’ve seen, which are 1) one person doesn’t want to work on the relationship even though he or she acknowledges there are problems, 2) one person no longer wants to be in the […]