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Do you keep reliving the same unhappy relationship over and over again, always with the same results? You don’t have to repeat this pattern. Find out more about Dating & Relationship Counseling.

If you have difficulty maintaining a happy and fulfilling relationship, then you are likely repeating unhealthy patterns. Dr. Christine is a relationship expert and can objectively see what patterns you are repeating and what kinds of partners you keep choosing. Whether you are single and looking for a fulfilling relationship or are currently in a less than satisfying relationship, she can help you to stop hurting, figure out what’s been going wrong, and make healthier choices. There’s no need to repeat the past. You deserve to have a wonderful relationship that is long-lasting!

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Together with Dr. Christine, you will:

Clarify your relationship goals and chart a course to achieve them.

Examine emotional issues that affect relationships, such as trust, boundaries, self confidence, sex, and commitment.

Understand any unhealthy relationship patterns that you have been repeating and replace them with healthier, more fulfilling choices and behaviors.


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