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Dr. Christine is a Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and over a decade of business experience in a managerial position in a Fortune 500 company. Dr. Christine is also a certified Life Coach. This combination of psychological expertise, life coaching skills, and business acumen enables her to help you clearly understand the situations you are experiencing and take smart action toward improving them. For over a decade, she has been helping people to have more fulfilling and more successful relationships and careers.

Take A Beat: Think Before You Speak

"It's a transformative experience to simply pause instead of immediately filling up the space." ~ Pema Chodron My mother once gave me a sage bit of advice: "Once something is said, it can't be unsaid." How true. When you're in a relationship, you really get to know your partner. This also means that you grow [...]

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Introducing Our New Therapists

I am excited to announce that Rachel Pokorney, LCSW,  Tracie Dossick, LMSW, Paula Lamanna, LMSW, and Danica Mitchell, LMSW have joined the Dr. Christine Fernandez & Associates team! I have chosen my associates with care, focusing on expert training, professionalism, and a sincere desire to help, so that we may offer you the best possible therapeutic services [...]

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Learning to Say NO

Being able to say "No" is important yet many people struggle with it. Somewhere along the line, they came to believe that saying no was a bad thing. Some of the reasons they cite are: "It would ruin our relationship," "S/he will get upset," "It'll hurt my career if I don't do everything they ask," or "I [...]

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Self Esteem amidst Fashion Week

It's fashion week in NYC, which means that my favorite cafe by Lincoln Center is packed with trendy people wearing strange clothing and tall leggy models towering over the rest of us like skyscrapers. I'm not at all a fashionista, but I have fun watching the eclectic parade of people, all looking so different. I [...]

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5 Tips on How to Be More Successful at Anything

Here are some simple and straightforward tips on how to achieve your goals: 1. Write it down Decide what it is that you really want and write it down. Studies show that goals that are written down have a much higher possibility of coming true. Write down your vision with as much detail as you can. Write [...]

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