Managing Your Mind by Managing Your Body

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Managing Your Mind by Managing Your Body

healthTaking care of your body isn’t just important with regards to physical wellness. It is also important for your mental health. Our mind and body are extremely connected. Have you ever noticed that when you get a headache you are more likely to snap at your husband? Have you ever noticed that when you feel agitated with your boss you are more likely to get a headache? Our emotional and physical health are so often interlinked.

Maybe you are someone who struggles with IBS, making it difficult to eat without residual physical pain and complications. You might also be someone who suffers from insomnia or sleep disruption, resulting in feeling easily fatigued and other issues. If you are experiencing any physical problems, whether as a symptom or result of your mental illness or not, you are already vulnerable to increased physical and mental distress. It is almost guaranteed to a degree. If you are already exhausted from lack of sleep, it will easily be that much more difficult to cope with your intrusive, anxious worry thoughts.

By making sure, when possible, to get enough sleep, exercise, eat right, and reduce consumption of recreational mind altering substances you help yourself decrease your vulnerability to any more physical and mental illness than you are already at risk for or currently experiencing.

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