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Finding A Therapist You Trust

One of the most important things when managing anxiety and depression is finding a good treatment therapist. Coping with mental health stressors or issues can be traumatic enough without feeling unsafe and unsupported in your fight by the people who are supposed to be giving you the tools to win the battle. A “good” treatment [...]

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Managing Your Expectations

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” ― William Shakespeare Imagine you’re lying on a beautiful, white sand beach. The sun is sparkling off the clear water. The sand is warm and soft beneath you and the air smells like tropical flowers. There is a staff at your disposal to bring you anything you want to [...]

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Holiday Season Survival 101

It seems like overnight we’ve gone from barbeques and sun block to scarves and pumpkin-flavored everything. Which means that while the rest of the animal kingdom starts to slow down and get ready to hibernate for the winter, we humans, in our infinite wisdom, are ramping up for, what is for many of us, the [...]

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

I had a patient a few years ago, whom I’ll refer to as Andrea. Andrea was a smart woman in her mid-30's. She had worked in the past, though she wasn’t currently due to her struggle with depression. When we began treatment, I noticed she had a difficult time identifying her emotional state. When I asked [...]

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