How to Say “No”

“I refuse to please others at the expense of my emotional well being, even if it means saying 'no' to people who are used to hearing 'yes.' ” Boundaries and limit setting are something that often comes up in therapy sessions. There's a reason for this. Telling others "No" can be very hard for many people. [...]

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Coping Effectively: Avoid Avoiding

No matter what the situation, a common response to something we find upsetting, scary, annoying, or just generally aversive is to avoid it. Has a growling bear found it's way into your camp site? It's natural to run away. Has your girlfriend has been sending you a million text messages all day? It's a normal [...]

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Using Radical Acceptance to Manage Emotions

“Stop beating your head against a wall.” This is a phrase most of us have heard. People may say it to us when they perceive that we are trying to change something that we have no control over or when we don't like the reality of a situation despite it being the reality. They are [...]

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Angry, Depressed, or Anxious? Mindfulness Can Help

Mindfulness is a unique and fabulous therapeutic technique that anyone can learn in order to manage their emotions more effectively. Mindfulness practice leads to an increase in your conscious awareness of your environment and self, including body, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By increasing your awareness, you also afford yourself the opportunity to learn to be [...]

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