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Client Testimonials

29-y.o., male, AVP at a financial firm
When I first reached out to Dr. Fernandez it was because I realized that there were some things happening in my life that I needed help with. I was going through a very unhealthy relationship and a job that was stalling. Through our therapy sessions, Dr. Fernandez helped me realize that the constant doubt I had of myself was due to the two aforementioned issues. I alone needed to enact change in my life and the encouragement and counseling of Dr. Fernandez allowed me to realize what needed to change and how it needed to change.

Needless to say, I am now in a much better position both mentally and physically. I ended the unhealthy relationship and made a career change to an area that had more potential and mentoring. I know that without her, I would still be in that relationship and job, going nowhere but down.

Thank you, Dr. Fernandez.

33-y.o., female, Television Producer
As someone who was wary of therapy to begin with, I was ecstatic to find Christine. I came to her following a painful divorce, to try to work out some residual emotional issues, but during my time with her, I have delved much deeper, exploring the core behaviors and experiences that brought me to where I am today and learning how to effect positive changes in my life.

Christine is smart, wise, warm, and encouraging, but she also pulls no punches. She is an excellent guide for anyone who is going through challenging times in relationships or in life — or for anyone who is simply looking to work on his or herself. She is patient, engaged, and focused — and I have felt that every session with her has been extremely fruitful. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

38-Y.O., female, Interior Designer
After I discovered my husband was having an affair, my world collapsed in seconds. I could not make it out of bed, I quit my job, I did not eat or sleep, and the worst part my children were being cared for by my mother . . . I was completely non functional for months.

I searched for a top notch therapist in my area and I was frustrated I couldn’t find one. I decided to stop wasting time and went straight to the top NYC . . . there I found Dr. Fernandez, she came from one of the top schools in the nation, had incredible experience and I really agree with her form of behavioral based therapy in conjunction with insight oriented. (Learning where my traumas came from but most importantly practicing behaviors to get rid of them.)

I decided to make the call. My first phone session with Dr. Fernandez was an eye opening experience. She guided me to the tools I needed to deal with my immediate pain. As the weeks went on, she listened and gave me the most powerful insight as to what I needed to fix to make things better for myself. I finally understood where my triggers came from and why they hurt so bad, and why they kept haunting me as an adult. The changes I made within me had a domino effect and positively helped my family reunite. I will continue to see Dr. Fernandez even when things seem OK. Her type of therapy is essential at any time in one’s life. Thank you, Thank you, thank you Christine !!!!!

26-y.o., female, CPA
I began to meet with Dr. Fernandez when I was struggling with an unhealthy relationship as well as stress in my professional life. I chose to see Dr. Fernandez as she has a business background and seemed as though she was someone with whom I might be able to relate.

Dr. Fernandez helped me work through what was taking place in my relationship and through this unbiased approach I was able to recognize changes that needed to be made and eventually made the ultimate change of ending the relationship. In hindsight I know this would have happened eventually, but Dr. Fernandez helped me pinpoint goals for myself and I was able to recognize much faster that the relationship was not serving me in the way I had once hoped or imagined.

As a young professional in a high-pressure work environment such as New York City, I find myself battling stress more often than not. Additionally, professional setbacks can sometimes trigger feelings of low-self esteem and/or depression. Dr. Fernandez has helped me to recognize my accomplishments professionally, which has aided me in owning and expanding on my strengths. As well, she has acted as a mentor with regard to setting professional goals for myself, which has helped me recognize what I’d like to aspire to and how I might go about reaching these goals.

All the while, she helps ease feelings of anxiety by reminding me that I am capable of handling what life has to offer based on what is within me and how I have acted in past situations. Her approach is both psychological and practical, and it has helped me in my aspirations to be a better person in relationships with others and myself. I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Fernandez if you are considering therapy.

46-y.o., male, Business Owner
Of all of Dr. Fernandez’s attributes, the one that I appreciate the most is her ability to see and understand the person I want to be and she has guided me in that direction. While some therapists would have enacted change in a more aggressive manner, Dr. Fernandez has left the exploration and desire to change in my control and she has helped me realize that my life is a grand journey that is worth exploring. This has taught me a tremendous amount about myself in a positive way, how to embrace myself and my past and how to love myself, all things I honestly never envisioned possible. Her compassion, insight and straight forwardness has made therapy an exploration about myself and who I want to be, not about who I should be. I am a better man, husband, son, brother and friend because of this journey, and I am grateful for having experienced this transformation at the expert guidance of Dr. Fernandez.
33-y.o., female, Public Relations
Christine has been a lifesaver for my husband and me. Her demeanor is very pleasant, and each time we go to see her, I immediately get a sense that she is truly concerned about us and really wants to help and figure out what we need to focus on to improve our relationship. She is excellent at deciphering complicated situations and getting to the deeper core of the issue. I have been very happy with her and know that whenever I have a difficult situation I can count on her to help guide me through it.
27-y.o., female, Marketing Executive
I have so much to thank Dr. Christine for. I first entered her office as a stressed out, overworked, unhappy New Yorker during the winter of 2015 in the throes of depression. Not only did she help me to realize my strengths and give me so much confidence in myself, but she also was my #1 supporter in helping me fulfill my lifelong dream of moving to the west coast! Dr. Christine’s kind demeanor and positive, open approach made working with her such a pleasure. After every session, I would always feel lighter, more centered and optimistic. Whether you are looking to make a big change, or a little change, I fervently recommend seeking Dr. Christine’s services. She is the absolute best in the business.
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