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Divorce Recovery

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Do you want to get past the pain of divorce and come out the other side feeling empowered to create the life you long for? Find out more about Divorce Recovery Therapy.

embed in DivorceDivorce is one of the most stressful events you can ever experience. Regardless of whether you or your partner were the one who chose to end your marriage, divorce will likely bring up painful and difficult emotions, such as grief, anger, guilt, confusion, fear, shame, and anxiety. If children are involved, then the stress you feel will likely be even greater.

Dr. Christine can help you deal with the pain that you feel about the loss of your relationship and the anxiety about not knowing what your future will look like. People often perceive divorce as a personal failure. Dr. Christine can help you work through those feelings and gain a new perspective. She can help you understand what led to the end of your marriage so that you can avoid reliving the same painful situation in the future. Dr. Christine has helped many people get through and recover from divorce. She provides a safe, encouraging, and empowering therapy experience during an extremely difficult time in your life. She can help you get past the pain and confusion of divorce and come out the other side feeling empowered to create the life you long for and have a lasting relationship.


To begin the Divorce Recovery process, simply call Dr. Christine at (212) 335-0511 or email info@DrChristineNYC.com.


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Dr. Christine
Dr. Christine is a Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and over a decade of business experience in a managerial position in a Fortune 500 company. Dr. Christine is also a certified Life Coach. This combination of psychological expertise, life coaching skills, and business acumen enables her to help you clearly understand the situations you are experiencing and take smart action toward improving them. For over a decade, she has been helping people to have more fulfilling and more successful relationships and careers.