Love Languages: Understanding Our Partner’s Communication Style

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Love Languages: Understanding Our Partner’s Communication Style

love languagesWhat Are Love Languages?

The concept of love languages is an interesting one. The idea posits that people express their love in different ways. Some people may simply use their words. They say things like “I love you” and this is their way of communicating affection. Some people show love through actions and behaviors. When these partners do something for us, whether it is stay up late to make sure we get home OK or save us an extra piece of pie, this is their way of letting us know they care. Some people express love by spending money. When they surprise us with that dress we were eying, they are trying to communicate their feelings. Some people are very physical and tell us they love us with touch, hugs, snuggling, etc. There are a variety of love languages that people may use and it is important to understand both how we and our partner’s communicate care and concern for one another.

The Significance of Our Partner’s Love Language
Understanding how we and our partners communicate love and affection is of the utmost importance. Are you feeling resentful because your spouse doesn’t clean up the dishes after dinner? Do you hate that your girlfriend doesn’t like holding hands as much as you do? What is it about these situations that upsets us so much? While the answer will obviously vary from person to person, often times at our core when we ask these questions we are inherently wondering whether our spouse really cares for us. If they did, they would obviously be doing or not doing these things, right? Potentially wrong. While our relationship may not be doing so hot, it is also possible that our partner just doesn’t express love and affection in the same way that we do. When we become dissatisfied with these types of aspects of our relationship, it is important to think about where the frustration is coming from. It is possible that we need to deepen our understandings of how we and our partners express love to one another.

How To Determine Our Love Languages
It’s pretty simple, really. Just ask! What is your way of showing affection? How do you communicate love? Once you get a better understanding of your and your partner’s love languages you may be able to significantly improve the quality, affection, and temperament of your relationship.

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