Practice Acceptance of Your Emotional or Physical Pain

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Practice Acceptance of Your Emotional or Physical Pain

pain2The concept of accepting pain is one that is always a tough one to explain to people. Almost immediately their reaction is something like “What are you talking about? Why would I accept my pain and suffering?” Often people who have this reaction are confusing acceptance with approval. Acceptance does not mean approval. Acceptance does not mean we like something or are saying it is ok. When we talk about accepting pain, we mean making a conscious decision not to fight the reality of it. It is not uncommon to find people banging their head against a wall, asking why this happened to them over and over or cursing their higher power for doing this to them. None of these reactions are weird, strange, or wrong. However, these reactions become problematic when they continue to permeate your life after a certain period of time. At that point, they become destructive to your ability to cope effectively with what is happening in your life. At that point, they make your emotional pain worse than it already is because you are compounding the distress of emotional or physical pain with the emotional suffering of fighting your reality. It will be difficult initially, but focusing on coping with what is happening rather than fighting the reality of what is happening will make your road to recovery an easier one in the long run since you will actually be focusing on coping rather than being stuck.

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