Signs Your Relationship May Need Help

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Signs Your Relationship May Need Help

relationship helpYou Feel Resentful Towards Your Partner
If you are starting to feel resentful towards your spouse, this may be one of the first signs your relationship may be in trouble. Resentment typically starts to build up when one partner or the other feels that his or her needs aren’t being met. For example, one person in the relationship may be too submissive or the other too overbearing or both. In this dynamic, people often wind up with a relationship where one person feels more or less empowered than the other. This can lead to many things, but most importantly it creates an environment where the two people do not feel like equal partners. While emotions and dynamics vacillate naturally over time, the overall theme should be one of equal partnership in a healthy relationship.

You Are Seeking Out Opportunities to Avoid Your Spouse
Of course it is always healthy to have activities or interests pursued without your partner. A relationship can only be successful when two healthy people are their own person both before and during coupling up. However, problems typically start to arise when activities or interests are sought as a specific tool through which the spouse can satisfy an active desire to be away from the relationship. Are you joining that book club or fantasy football league to enjoy time with your friends or because you are looking for an excuse to be away from home? The answer to that question could determine if your relationship might be in trouble and need some extra attention.

You Don’t Talk To Your Spouse Anymore
One of the most important aspects of a successful relationship is communication. The second you stop talking about things with your partner, you may want to consider whether you are having issues that need addressing. Have you noticed that it’s been weeks since either of you have asked how the other’s day was? Do you feel frustrated at your sex life for more than a few months but are too scared to talk to your partner? Lack of communication, whether it is about day-to-day activities or larger relationship issues like avoidance and resentment, is seriously concerning. Without constant communication you and your spouse can unintentionally let disconnection sneak up on you.

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