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Self Test

self test dr. christine

Answer These Questions

  • Do you have little or no interest in food?

  • Are activities that you used to enjoy no longer fun?

  • Are you hardly sleeping?

  • Are you feeling really badly about yourself?

  • Does everything make you feel tired?

  • Do you feel sad most of the day?

  • Are you sleeping too much?

  • Do you spend a lot of time focusing on regrets and past mistakes?

  • Are you having trouble focusing on the tasks at hand?

  • Are you getting annoyed and agitated more easily than usual?

  • Do you feel like you’re moving in slow motion?

  • Are you eating much more than usual?

Self Test

Everyone experiences difficult times in life and it’s just normal to feel some sadness in reaction to certain events.  However, sometimes you can become overwhelmed by sadness or grief in a way that affects your normal day-to-day functioning.  How many of these apply to you?

What Next?

If you answered yes to at least three of these questions, you could use some support. I invite you to call me at (212) 335-0511 and let’s work together to help you feel better.

self test dr. christine

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