Sessions in Spanish

//Sessions in Spanish

Sessions in Spanish

Do you feel more comfortable expressing yourself in Spanish? Learn more about Therapy in Spanish.

Dr. Christine has been speaking Spanish since she was a child and is completely comfortable conducting sessions in Spanish. There are many professionals, especially in NYC, who are fluent in English, but find that they are able to express themselves more freely in Spanish. Therefore, Dr. Christine offers therapy and coaching sessions in Spanish.

Often, it is easier for one partner in a couple to express himself or herself in Spanish. To make the therapy process as comfortable as possible for everyone, Dr. Christine also has marital counseling and couples counseling sessions in which one partner is speaking in English and the other is speaking in Spanish.

To schedule an appointment for a Session in Spanish with Dr. Christine, call (212) 335-0511 or email


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Dr. Christine
Dr. Christine is a Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and over a decade of business experience in a managerial position in a Fortune 500 company. Dr. Christine is also a certified Life Coach. This combination of psychological expertise, life coaching skills, and business acumen enables her to help you clearly understand the situations you are experiencing and take smart action toward improving them. For over a decade, she has been helping people to have more fulfilling and more successful relationships and careers.