5 Tips on How to Be More Successful at Anything

//5 Tips on How to Be More Successful at Anything

5 Tips on How to Be More Successful at Anything

Here are some simple and straightforward tips on how to achieve your goals:

1. Write it down
Decide what it is that you really want and write it down. Studies show that goals that are written down have a much higher possibility of coming true. Write down your vision with as much detail as you can. Write down how it will look; imagine how it will feel. Really flesh it out. Make it as real and palpable as possible. This is why intelligent people write business plans before starting a new business.

2. Ask for help
Ask people, who are already successful at what you want to do, for help. You would be surprised at how happy and willing people are to help you, especially if it doesn’t cost them a lot of effort. But you’ve got to state what you want, and you have to be clear about the kind of help that you would like. No one is a mind reader and no one can know what you really want better than you.

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3. Be willing to tolerate discomfort
Be willing to tolerate the uncomfortable feelings that come with trying something new because you’re not certain it will work. Be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want. By that, I don’t mean anything that lacks integrity or goes against your ethics. What I mean is be willing to work hard, get less sleep, take courses, contact people who you don’t know to ask for help, etc. Be willing to learn, be willing to put aside your ego and be willing to be bad at something until you get good at it.

4. Plan and test
Chart a course and follow it and see what works. Review your plan and see what’s been successful and do more of that. See what hasn’t been successful and either figure out how to improve it or do less of that. (More common sense than rocket science, isn’t it?) Let’s use the example of social marketing. You don’t have to be on everything like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. Try everything, in some logical and measurable manner, and see what actually works for you and stick to that. This is your data, figure out what works best.

5. Lather, rinse, repeat. 
Repeat steps 1-4, over and over again. Review and continue to refine or broaden your vision. Talk to more successful people who can help you. Overcome your discomfort and try even more new things. Gather and analyze more data.

So dream big! These principles can be used in your career, your relationship, or your own personal growth to help you to achieve your goals and be more successful. If you need help fleshing out your dream or figuring out realistic plans, feel free to call (212) 335-0511 or email info@DrChristineNYC.com.
Dr. Christine Fernandez is a Psychologist and Life Coach in NYC, who combines the depth of psychology and the goal orientation of life coaching to help professionals achieve more success in their personal lives and careers.


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Dr. Christine
Dr. Christine is a Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and over a decade of business experience in a managerial position in a Fortune 500 company. Dr. Christine is also a certified Life Coach. This combination of psychological expertise, life coaching skills, and business acumen enables her to help you clearly understand the situations you are experiencing and take smart action toward improving them. For over a decade, she has been helping people to have more fulfilling and more successful relationships and careers.